Your way to telemonitoring in heart failure

Since 2022, cardiological practices have been able to bill for telemonitoring in heart failure - fee schedule items (GOP) are available for this in the uniform evaluation scale (EBM). We will show you how you can meet the requirements, receive extra-budgetary remuneration and offer your HI patients modern care in a simple way.

With telemonitoring in heart failure, a new telemedical service in the field of cardiology has been billable in Germany since January 2022. Patients and cardiologists will benefit from this in equal measure. 

What is the benefit of telemonitoring in heart failure?

Patient:inside telemonitoring ensures seamless medical care. Therapeutic decisions can also be made on a better data basis.

Cardiologist:inside offer your patients modern treatment at the cutting edge of technical development with telemonitoring. It also opens up new extra-budgetary billing options for them.

For cardiology practices, it is therefore worthwhile not to postpone the topic any longer and to start with cardiac telemonitoring. Calculate your potential additional earnings now with our Compensation calculator.

You must meet these requirements

To be able to offer telemonitoring in heart failure as a cardiology practice, you need 3 things:

  1. an accreditation as a telemedicine centre (TMZ)
  2. a telemonitoring software
  3. External measuring devices for the patients

1. accreditation as a telemedicine centre (TMZ)

In telemonitoring, patients' health data are measured by measuring devices and then transmitted to a telemedical centre (TMZ). As a cardiologist, you can take over the tasks of the TMZ if you have been certified as a TMZ by your Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KV). The advantage for you is that you can pay for the tasks taken over via the new GOPs in the uniform evaluation scale. bill extrabudgetary can.

Within the framework of certification, cardiologists must prove certain professional and technical requirements to the KV.

Requirements for admission as a TMZ:

1. Licensed specialist for internal medicine and cardiology

2. Participation in SHI-accredited medical care or work in a SHI-accredited MVZ (according to § 95 SGB V)

3. Approval according to the Quality Assurance Agreement (QA Agreement) Rhythm Implant Control

4. Proof of compliance with the requirements for technical equipment according to the Quality Assurance Agreement on Telemonitoring in Heart Failure (§5)

The most important tasks of a telemedicine centre:

  • The suitability test of the patients for telemonitoring with regard to the medical requirements at the beginning of the treatment.
  • Provision and maintenance of the technical infrastructure
  • guiding patients in the use of the required software and technology
  • the digital monitoring and professional assessment of incoming health data

With our SaniQ telemonitoring software you meet all technical, regulatory and data protection requirements and also receive assistance with TMZ approval and comprehensive support in setting up and maintaining the technical infrastructure.


2. telemonitoring software

For telemonitoring, you need software with which the patient's health data can be centrally recorded and via which you, as the treating cardiologist, can monitor and care for the patient. The software is therefore the The heart of telemedical care. The software is also used to store the personal and health-related data collected.

The QS agreement "Telemonitoring in heart failure" defines, among other things, the following Requirements for the telemonitoring software listed:

  • Compliance with data protection requirements
  • Suitability for daily complete data transmission
  • Suitability for setting patient-specific limit values and for issuing warnings when limit values are exceeded or not reached

Telemonitoring with SaniQ

3. external measuring devices for the patients

Within the framework of telemonitoring in heart failure, external measuring devices are used to 3 Vital signs recorded:

  • Body weight
  • electrical heartbeat
  • Blood pressure

For this purpose, the patients receive an electronic ECG, a blood pressure monitor and a body scale. According to the QS agreement "Telemonitoring in heart failure", the devices must, among other things

  • be suitable for use by patients
  • be compatible with the transmission device and the telemonitoring software
  • correspond to the state of the art (ECG device)

If you choose SaniQ as your software provider, you will receive modern measuring devices from us to pass on to your patients that meet the requirements. 


Kassenärztliche Bundesvereinigung & GKV-Spitzenverband: Quality Assurance Agreement Telemonitoring in Heart Failure. 2022. 

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