Optimal treatment of heart failure with SaniQ

Optimal treatment of heart failure with SaniQ

SaniQ OS is the innovative platform for medical telemonitoring of patients with heart failure (remote patient monitoring). 

3 steps to cardiac telemonitoring

With SaniQ you can quickly start telemonitoring your heart failure patients and benefit from the new extrabudgetary reimbursement items in the EBM.

Step 1

1. connect SaniQ

SaniQ is compatible with all common practice systems and is already pre-installed in CompuGroup Medical systems.

Step 2

2. identify patients

Identify suitable patients who meet the medical requirements for telemonitoring in HI.

Step 3

3. start telemonitoring

Introduce your eligible HI patients to the patient app and start telemonitoring their vital signs.

Requirements for remuneration (according to QS-V TmHi*):

Receive extrabudgetary remuneration totalling 1.356,24 € per treatment per year:

  1. GOP 13583: Guidance and education of patients on telemonitoring
    10,92 € (95 points, 1x in case of illness)
  2. GOP 40910: Flat rate for the required basic equipment with external measuring devices
    68,00 € (1x per treatment case)
  3. GOP 13586: Telemonitoring in heart failure using external measuring devices
    241,32 € (2.100 points, 1x in treatment case)
  4. optional GOP 13587: Surcharge to GOP 13586 for intensified telemonitoring on weekends and public holidays
    27,01 € (235 points, 1x in treatment case)

For telemonitoring in heart failure, patients must meet the following criteria:

  • NYHA II or NYHA III with an ejection fraction < 40%
  • Patient has an implanted cardiac device (ICD, CRT-P, CRT-D) or has been hospitalised for cardiac decompensation within the last 12 months.
  • Patient:in is treated according to guidelines
  • Patient is cognitively, physically and technically able to participate in telemonitoring.

With SaniQ you fulfil all technical requirements according to the QSV Telemonitoring in Heart Failure 2022:

  • For your patients you will receive high quality  external gauges for recording body weight, electrical heart action and blood pressure.
  • The units can be connected to the SaniQ Patient App via Bluetooth so that the measured vital values are transmitted directly to the app.
  • From the app, the values are transferred directly to the SaniQ Practice Software with the help of which you and your practice team carry out telemonitoring.

As a cardiologist, you can use telemonitoring in heart failure as the primary treating physician and in the role of a Telemedicine Centre (TMZ) Settle.

The Approval as TMZ can be obtained on request from your Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians, if you work as a panel doctor or in a panel doctor's MVZ and offer rhythm implant checks.

We will be happy to support you in applying for admission!

*Quality Assurance Agreement Telemonitoring in Heart Failure. Published by: Kassenärztliche Bundesvereinigung & GKV-Spitzenverband, 2022. 

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With SaniQ you fulfil all technical & regulatory requirements to benefit from the extrabudgetary remuneration potential in the EBM.

Win-win for you and your patients

Cardiology practices and their patients benefit equally from telemonitoring in heart failure.

1. data-based therapy

Get a complete digital history of your patients' measurements:

2. control therapy digitally

Recognise and treat cardiac decompensations early:

3. intersectoral exchange

Communicate with colleagues in a data protection-compliant and cross-sectoral manner:

4. communicate efficiently

Communicate digitally with your patients to reduce frequent office visits:

SaniQ for the cardiology practice

Class I medical device

secure data protection

Can be quickly integrated into your practice system

certified according to ISO 27001

Our attractive pricing model:

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