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Achieve your study goals with the SaniQ platform, the smart solution for telemedical collection of real-world data and better patient recruitment.


How does SaniQ support you in clinical trials?

The SaniQ remote patient monitoring platform enables customised study designs with better outcomes through high data density in all phases of your study.

1. recruit the right test subjects

Recruit the right patients for your studies quickly and efficiently: SaniQ is connected to CompuGroup Medical's physician information systems (others on request). It automatically identifies suitable patients for your individually defined study profile in the database and informs the treating physicians.

2. efficiently generate real world data

Collect highly relevant real-world data with high data density through telemonitoring: in the SaniQ patient app, your test subjects record vital signs at home using connected sensors. Via the web-based SaniQ platform, researchers can monitor the progress of the values in real time.

3. communicate with test subjects

You can reach your test persons directly via chat and video consultation. In addition, you have the possibility to send questionnaires to the participants via the patient app, which we can integrate individually for you (e.g. PREMs, PROMs, anamnesis questionnaires, etc.).

The whole variety of remote medicine - in one platform

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SaniQ has already been profitably used in numerous clinical studies and research projects, e.g.:

Period: 2020-2022

Content: The Funding project of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research took place under the leadership of the university hospitals in Dresden and Frankfurt and is the largest German university research project to date. Within the framework of the project regionally adaptive care structures and processes for evidence-based pandemic management were developed, tested and implemented. For this purpose, patients with Long-COVID were monitored over the study period with the help of SaniQ.

Partner: Carl Gustav Carus University Hospital of the Technical University of Dresden, Frankfurt University Hospital

Link: https://www.uniklinikum-dresden.de

Period: 2022-2024

Number of participants in the study: 189

Content: A scientific study under the consortium leadership of the LungenClinic Grosshansdorf to prevent exacerbations in COPD patients through digital prevention and home monitoring.

Partner: Lungenclinic Grosshansdorf, AstraZeneca, Gesundheitskasse AOK, Deutscher Astma- und Allergiebund e.V. (et al.)  

Link: https://www.telementor-copd.de/

Period: 2022-2026

Content: In AstraZeneca's REACT studies (REACT-Asthma and REACT-COPD), chronic lung patients are followed for 24 months using a specially developed SaniQ-based telemonitoring app. The aim is to collect medically meaningful data on the relationship between medication, physical activity and well-being and to improve patient adherence and care.

Partner: AstraZeneca

Period: 2022-2024

Number of participants in the study: 200

Content: In collaboration with ourThe project partners are the district of Mayen-Koblenz and the St. Nikolaus-Stiftshospital Andernach, the care of patients with heart failure is to be optimised through the use of SaniQ. They receive a mobile blood pressure monitor with additional ECG function, a body scale and an activity tracker, with which they can measure the vital parameters that are crucial for the disease (blood pressure, ECG, body weight and physical activity) from home. These values are transmitted to the SaniQ app via a Bluetooth connection and then transferred from the app to the SaniQ Praxis software.

Partner: Mayen Koblenz district, St. Nicholas Collegiate Hospital Andernach, Boehringer Ingelheim

Period: 2022-2023

Number of participants in the study: 132

Content: In the Reload study at the Schön Klinik, funded by the Bavarian Ministry of Health and Care, 132 patients who previously had COVID-19 are being treated telemedically with SaniQ. The aim of the study is to demonstrate the benefits of pneumological rehabilitation for long covid patients on the basis of the data collected in SaniQ.
Partner: Schön Klinik, Philipps University Marburg, German Centre for Lung Research

Period: 2019-2022

Number of participants in the study: 100

Content: Especially in rural regions, such as the district of Mayen-Koblenz, high-quality medical care is increasingly under pressure from the healthcare system. In order to put a stop to this development, the Heart Network Rhineland-Palatinate (the "Heart App") was launched in 2019 with the support of the Mayen-Koblenz district. In the process, a telemedical care concept was created in Mayen and the surrounding area. For this purpose, a telemedicine centre was established at the Gemeinschaftsklinikum Mittelrhein at the St. Elisabeth Hospital in Mayen, which closely accompanies heart failure patients, monitors important vital parameters and coordinates an adjustment of the treatment if necessary.

Link: https://mastd.rlp.de/service/presse/detail/projekt-herzverbund-rheinland-pfalz-setzt-neue-massstaebe-fuer-versorgung-von-herzinsuffizenz-patienten

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