Personal Digital Medicine

With the power of sound data to individual therapies and a healthier future!

Personal Digital Medicine

Discover the power of data: individual therapies for a healthier future!


Platform for Remote Patient Monitoring

Für Pneumolog:innen

For Pharma & Research

Together against chronic diseases

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The increasing shortage of doctors and demographic developments call for innovative solutions to maintain the quality of our medical care and the close doctor-patient relationship in the long term.

Remote patient monitoring of chronically ill people offers digital solutions that benefit both sides:

Chronic patients receive a new level of care with SaniQ:

  • an early warning system for acute deteriorations in health status
  • a helpful accompaniment when taking the medication
  • a data-based therapy that is tailored to their individual needs

Doctors receive with SaniQ:

  • Innovative software that enables new remuneration potentials
  • A digital application that makes patient management more efficient and reduces the workload of the entire practice team.
  • a better medical database for informed therapeutic decisions

Evidence & More successes every day

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Data sets for data-based management of chronic disease therapies and clinical trial outcomes.


can be saved per patient:in with uncontrolled asthma due to a proven improvement in the control class.


In a representative study, 800 patients rated SaniQ as "very good" in terms of usability and reliability.

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New Remuneration options

Since 2022, there are significantly increased possibilities for the remuneration of telemedical services for cardiologists. This means that you can provide your patients with Heart failure-disease even better.