Heart failure case study: telemonitoring prevents cardiac decompensation

Heart failure case study: telemonitoring prevents cardiac decompensation

A concrete case from a cardiological group practice in Krefeld shows how telemonitoring of important vital signs and direct communication with patients can help to identify and treat critical events at an early stage.

Mann misst seinen Blutdruck

Patient background


Age: 67 years
Illness: Heart failure
Practice: Internal medicine and cardiology group practice, Krefeld

Medical history

The patient was referred to specialist cardiological treatment by the HA in November 2022 with an anterior wall infarction. He had already been hospitalised several times due to cardiac decompensations.


  • Three-vessel coronary artery disease with moderate reduced LV function
  • arterial hypertension
  • Hypercholesterolaemia
  • COPD with emphysema
  • chronic renal failure
  • ischaemic cardiomyopathy
  • Sleep apnoea


Start telemonitoring: Spring 2023

Software: SaniQ

Observed vital signs:

  • Blood pressure
  • Body weight
  • ECG

Event history

11 April 2023
11 April 2023

Kritisches Ereignis

Der Patient übermittelt via SaniQ-App eine plötzliche Gewichtszunahme.

11 April 2023
11 April 2023


Die Überschreitung des Grenzwerts löst einen Beobachtungsalarm in SaniQ aus.

Zudem meldet der Patient über die Chat-Funktion eine Wassereinlagerung in beiden Füßen.

11 April 2023
11 April 2023


The treating doctor prescribes an increased dose of torasemide (10 mg) for 5 days in the medication schedule for drainage.

14 April 2023
14 April 2023


Die Verabreichung des Medikaments greift schnell: Am 14. April übermittelt der Patient ein normalisiertes Körpergewicht.

The threat of cardiac decompensation could be averted at an early stage by adjusting the medication.

In our practice, cardiac decompensations have already been prevented in several cases by telemonitoring without the need for a visit to the practice. Of course, our patients think this is great and it saves us an immense amount of time in our practice!

3 steps to telemonitoring

Telemonitoring offers many advantages for cardiologists and patients. With the SaniQ platform, both can quickly get started with telemonitoring. 

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