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As a cardiologist, you now benefit twice from telemonitoring in heart failure: through more safety for your patients and attractive remuneration for you!

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Start telemonitoring your heart failure patients now! 

Since 1 January 2022, you can bill telemonitoring for patients with heart failure with new, extrabudgeted fee schedule items in the uniform assessment scale (EBM).

For telemonitoring in heart failure, patients must meet the following criteria:

  • NYHA II or NYHA III with an ejection fraction < 40%
  • Patient has an implanted cardiac device (ICD, CRT-P, CRT-D) or has been hospitalised for cardiac decompensation within the last 12 months.
  • Patient:in is treated according to guidelines
  • Patient is cognitively, physically and technically able to participate in telemonitoring.

As a cardiologist, you can care for and bill for the new services as a primary treating physician and as a TMZ (telemedical centre) for heart failure patients.

For the latter, you need a licence as a TMZ. You can get this from your association of panel doctors, if you work as a panel doctor or in a panel doctor's MVZ and offer rhythm implant checks. You can find the application and further documents at your KV.

We will be happy to support you in applying for admission!

  • GOP 13583: Guidance and education of patients on telemonitoring 
    10,70 € (95 points, 1x in case of illness)
  • GOP 40910: Flat rate for the required basic equipment with external measuring devices
    68,00 € (1x per treatment case)
  • GOP 13586: Telemonitoring in heart failure using external measuring devices
    236,59 € (2.100 points, 1x in treatment case)
  • optional GOP 13587: Surcharge to GOP 13586 for intensified telemonitoring on weekends and public holidays
    26,48 € (235 points, 1x in treatment case)

For telemonitoring in heart failure, you need external measuring devices (on the patient's side) for recording body weight, electrical heart action and blood pressure, as well as an app for patients. On the other hand, you need a telemedical practice software with the help of which you can carry out telemonitoring.

SaniQ offers you all this: SaniQ is a web and app application with which you can provide telemedical care for your heart failure patients. All you need is a licence and our sensor technology, which is reimbursed to you on an extra-budgetary basis according to GOP 40910.

Telemonitoring with SaniQ

SaniQ is a web and app application that enables you to provide secure telemedical care for your heart failure patients - whether monitoring vital data, adjusting the medication plan, chat function, video consultation or automatic alarm function.

Connection of external measuring devices

Your patients regularly check their body weight, blood pressure and heart function (ECG) with modern measuring devices.

Data transmission via app

The external devices transmit the measured values via Bluetooth to the SaniQ App for patients and from there directly to your SaniQ Practice Dashboard, where they are clearly displayed for you and your staff.

Monitor the symptom progression of your patients

With the SaniQ Praxis dashboard, you always have an overview of your patients' state of health and can intervene in a targeted manner. 

Recognise critical events at an early stage

You will receive a message from SaniQ Praxis if the vital signs shared by patients deviate from the limits you have set individually. This allows you to act quickly and effectively.

Make contact quickly

In order to save your patients time-consuming visits to the practice, you have the option of conducting regular video consultations digitally or, if necessary, establishing uncomplicated direct contact.

Advantages at a glance

Better decisions: SaniQ provides you with high-quality medical data that enables you to make better therapeutic decisions.

Optimal supply: With SaniQ, you can monitor the course of your patients' illnesses seamlessly and in real time and provide them with guideline-compliant care.

Extrabudgetary remuneration: You can bill telemonitoring for patients with heart failure with new, extrabudgeted fee schedule items in the EBM.

Simple & secure contact to patients via chat messages and video consultations

Audited data protection: SaniQ is a certified class I medical device and offers you and your patients the highest level of data security.

Intuitive operation: The user interface of the SaniQ practice software and the app for patients enables intuitive use.

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